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The dish

the big idea of this movie is that there are many people that are involved in making something big a success.
The problem in this movie was the operation of the dish against strong winds to receive the signal for the moon landing.
they were solved by taking a risk by ignoring the winds and just operating the the dish.
From this movie, I could get a general idea of the concepts of a radio telescope, and also a glimpse into the management of a project such as the apollo 11 moon landing.

fox hunting

Today we conducted a fox-hunting activity. We were the game masters, so we hid the transmitters and went together with the people who were looking for the poster.

We hid one of the transmitters in a tree, one in some bushes, one behind a railing and one in a shrub. There were some troubles in finding the transmitter, as the hiding spots were quite tough.

Day 2 of Barelang Astro trip

After having our breakfast, We had a lesson on radio telescopes, using the INSPIRE and the RadioJove. We learnt about how the computer software is used to graph the the signals, how the signals work and the real-world applications of the radio telescopes.
After having our lunch, we had a screening of "The Martian". It was a sci-fi movie about a man that was stranded in mars and had to sustain himself in the martian terrain while waiting to be rescued. It gave me an insight into the possibilities in Mars.

Then, we went for another round of our fox-hunting activity. This time, I was the hunter. We were met with many challenges, and we were only able to locate one transmitter. Operating the receiver was very difficult, and it was hard to tell reliably where the transmitter (the "foxes"). I think this happened because the signal was being reflected off the walls, and that there was much interference with our signals. From this, I have learnt that there is interference…

Day 1 of barelang Astro trip

We arrived in batam today and we headed to our hotel in a minibus. After we settled down, we did our fox hunting activity. I was one of the game masters for today, so I hid one of the transmitters and followed and guided a group.

The transmitter that I hid.

However, we encountered some issues in the fox hunting activity. The game masters did not check the number of the transmitter, and each game master only knew the location of the transmitter they planted. From this, I have learnt that the minor details and the small issues can cause big problems.I should make sure to check for the code before planting the transmitter if I am the game master.

After that, we did some stargazing in the night. I used the Orion to take a picture of Sirius. We forgot to bring some eyepieces, so it was quite difficult to use the telescopes.

Presentation on the sun

There was a presentation on the sun today. We learnt about the formation, the classification of stars, the composition of the sun, radiative and convective zone, the core and the atmosphere of the sun. we also got to look at the sun through a solar telescope.

        sun seen through the lens

I felt excited to look at the sun through the telescope as I have not used it before, and it was a new experience for me. I took some photos of the sun through it, and looked through it for a while.

Fox Hunting Test Run

Today we did a test run of the fox hunting game today. I was part of the "hunter" team, where we used a radio receiver with a yagi antenna search for a "fox" (a radio transmitter that was hidden somewhere in the school). We were unsuccessful due to the signal being too strong, so we had to give up and have the person who hid the transmitter guide us to the area where it was hidden, where we found it.

During the process of looking for the radio transmitter, I felt that it was too difficult to find the transmitter. Something we could have done better would be the way we searched, we should have stopped and searched while adjusting the strength thoroughly. Although it was unsuccessful, it was still an enjoyable and meaningful experience. We learnt more about the way the radio and transmitter works, and we will need to further enhance our set-up in order to make the game successful.